Re: ERB: decision and conundrum [URLs]

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> > I'll call them chunks for now.
> Please don't do this!  Let's not add confusion by trying to rename
> something that's had a perfectly good name for some time now.

Well, note that HTML fragments have been so named since 1989 or so,
and the name is in use by hundreds of thousands (millions?) of people.

I used the term "chunks" only within that message, to tryand disambiguate.
You could tak about Word Wide Web Fragments to mean the normal usage,
and SGML Open fragments for the other normal usage, I suppose.

I'm more concerneed that people understand that they're different, and
that the # mechanism in use on the Web today is for addressing WWW fragments.

There is another proposed standard for retrieving only a portion of
a document from a remote server, but you're not going to like that name
either -- it's XML, from Adobe and Verity!