Techweb article

> John Gartner's article in TechWeb:
A TechWeb reporter issued today an article on CDF & XML.

He said wrongly (I am quoting him twice):

> "Microsoft had formally submitted a proposal for the Extensible Markup
> Language (XML) to the World Wide Web Consortium (WC3) on March 9,
> which 
> seeks to open the Web to a plethora of custom-formatted information."
"Two Java-based XML viewers are available" 

This is bad and wrong.

This article has a lot of mistakes and the reporter overstated a lot
what Thomas Reardon
was telling him. We are correcting this with him.

Microsoft -and me personnally- apologize if this article implies as if
Microsoft owns XML.
This is not our not our intention and is obviously not true.

The press has yet obviously a lot to learn about XML.
I am also going to ask the XML ERB to help me correct this.

-Jean Paoli