Re: ERB: decision and conundrum [URLs]

> From: lee@sq.com
> On the subject of fragment IDs, there seems to be some confusion.
> There are two kinds of fragments.
> One is a standalone part of a larger document, where only the fragment
> is served.  That isn't the web fragment, though.  The other is a named
> part of a document, where you have the whole document, and want to go
> to a particular region (surrounded in HTML with <A NAME=xxx>....</X>).
> Please don't confuse them.
> SGML Open fragments are nothing whatsoever to do with the # kind of fragments.
> I'll call them chunks for now.

Please don't do this!  Let's not add confusion by trying to rename
something that's had a perfectly good name for some time now.

What TR9601 deals with are fragments, let's not try to start calling
them chunks now.

It seems to me that, of the two uses of the word "fragment," the one
referring to a named region of the document is misnamed.  How about
"named region"?