Re: ERB: decision and conundrum

>In XML, we do *not* want to build the server-side/client-side 
>distinction into the link syntax.  We want to attach a URL and
>a TEI xpointer and let the server & client figure out what to
>do.  If we want to force server-side processing, the '?'
>syntax is available.  

While I agree with the sentiment, I object strongly, very strongly,
to overloading the query part of a URL. Such usage just confluges
the 3 seperate roles of URL's.

>There is nothing in the current URL RFC that allows a resource/fragment
>partitioning without also forcing the process model.  In my view, this
>is purely a bug.  Either we introduce a new syntax, or we overload '#' 
>and let the market deal with it. -Tim

Right. This is why I prefer to use the *pure* URL (none of the fragment
or query part, or even URL parameters). The pure URL should be regarded
as an address, and carries few semantics, which is exectly what we want.