Re: ERB: decision and conundrum

>I just did some tests and it appears that the fragment identifier (the text
>following the hash on the URL) is even passed to the server, at least for
>HTTP.  Thus a server does not even know that you are addressing 
>	http://www.overthere.com/this/and/that#foo
>rather than
>	http://www.overthere.com/this/and/that

Right. We looked at the problem of subdocument addressing in
DynaWeb a number of times. You cannot use fragment specifiers
in URL's if you want server-side processing. You can use:

  1) URL paramaters
  2) Query Parameters
  3) URL syntax

and that's it.

As I said a long time ago, I prefer (3), hence my proposal, though
(2) can be made to work well.