FPI resolution

I mentioned some while ago my feelings about doing FPI resolution over
the network on a client-server basis. After some discussion last
weekend with MSQM, I have put my money where my mouth is and done some
coding, which you can test drive at


Basically, if you attach an FPI to the end of this, separated by a ?
in the usual manner, and replacing spaces with underscores, it will try
to resolve it and send back the file, eg


It seems to work OK in Nutscope and Opera, but MSIE refuses to recognisethe
Content-type of text/plain, which raises the question as to whether we or
someone needs to type DTDs, char ent files, and fragment files.

Currently it works only for the DTDs etc I have on disk (natch) but if 
you supply a partial FPI, it resolves as much as it can and gives you a
list of possible completions.

Comments welcomed.