Re: Recent ERB work - miscellaneous

In message <> Tim Bray writes:
> 3. We took up the questions of what subset of TEI Xpointers we're
> going to need.  We developed consensus that:
>  - the subset in the initial spec is reasonable, except that
>  - even though SPAN is really useful, we are nervous that as far as we
>    know, the world has only one implementation, namely Panorama; are
>    there others?, and
>  - sub-element addressing (TOKEN, character counting, patterns) are just
>    not stable enough, particularly in the case of some Asian languages,
>    to be worthwhile including in XML-Link release 1.0.
> 4. We decided that we were not going to specify support for any query
> language, built-in or FOREIGN, in XML-Link 1.0, beyond TEI Xpointers,
> which are in fact a query language.  Support in some way for SDQL remains 
> firmly on the agenda, but not in this release.

TOKEN and FOREIGN seemed the obvious ways to solve some of my problems.
I'm happy to accept the ERB's conclusion, but will require some method
of searching through a node once it has been reached by a TEI pointer.
Is this completely application-specific, or is there a way (FOREIGN not
being allowed) to apply (say) a Java method to the node contents?  It could
be worthwhile to converge towards a standard syntax, because this will
be a common requirement and general XML applications/browsers will need to
recognise it.  (It may be that the solution is best discussed elsewhere,
but I'd like to feel comfortable :-)


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