Re: Recent ERB work - miscellaneous

Len wrote:
>> Is this the work sitting behind a passworded web site and available 
>> only to dues-paying members of the W3C?  If so, how does that fit 
>> into a spec being developed by this Working Group which includes 
>> consortium and non-consortium members?

Good point.  Microsoft has to be a bit careful, because this is a 
*formal* proposal from that corporation to an industry consortium
of which they're a member - they have to play by the rules, which
I think say that proposals are initially available only to members.

On the other hand, I think that MS would agree that it would be a 
good thing to make this available to us - I'll ask around.

On the other hand, we just create XML, we cannot, nor should we
want to, control what people do with it.  The playwright has no
normative influence over the director.

Cheers, Tim Bray
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