Re: Recent ERB work - miscellaneous

> > other documents that contain links into a current one.  However, there
> > is another standardization effort underway in the W3C called Web
> > Collections that may well be, in parallel, cooking up a solution to
> > this same problem.  Furthermore, the rumor mill says that the idea of
> > using XML for Web Collections is in play.  We have an action item to
> > check this out - if we can outsource this job to existing web machinery,
> > it would clearly be a good thing.
> Is this the work sitting behind a passworded web site and available 
> only to dues-paying members of the W3C?  If so, how does that fit 
> into a spec being developed by this Working Group which includes 
> consortium and non-consortium members?

Well, I when I go to look at
"http://www.w3.org/pub/WWW/Submission/1997/2/Overview.html", the site
certainly behves like it's passworded and not available to non-consortium

On the other hand, the abstract that I can read says:

"The submission may be distributed publicly free of any fee." So...