Re: those predeclared entity refs

Dave Peterson asks:
| Does Unicode or 10646 really define "<" and ">" as left and right
| angle brackets?  In most of the character sets I've seen, they are
| less-than and greater-than signs.  And those character sets that
| mention angle brackets treat them as different characters.  (Not
| to mention that they are usually associated with different glyphs
| in any glyph-rich font.)

Taking only <, Unicode has

  003C  Less-than sign
  2039  Single left-pointing angle quotation mark
        = left pointing single guillemet [hyphenation sic]
  2329  Left-pointing angle bracket = BRA
  3008  Left angle bracket (in "CJK symbols and punctuation")
        [a case of failure to unify with 2329?]

| Same question about "`".  Really just a stand-alone accent?

That involves Unicode's theory of combining characters; I'll leave
the answer to Unicode specialists.

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