Re: those predeclared entity refs

[Paul Prescod:]

| > The number of people who are familiar with *anything* now is
| > insignificant compared to the number of people who will be working
| > with these languages five years from now.
| If current trends continue, the majority of them will be English
| speakers, though not necessarily native English speakers.

Your estimate of the future proportion of non-English-speaking
Internet users differs significantly from mine.

| Anyhow, five years from now is a LONG TIME. What do we know about five
| years from now: do they still edit XML text by hand?


| Do they still use a few, standard DTDs, written in English?


| Do people write their own DTDs in their own languages

They invent tags in their own languages.  Most of them don't know what
a DTD is and don't care.

| but continue to use the < and > conventions because they are so
| universal?

Depends on what we decide.

| Did Unicode actually take off?

If it didn't, we're toast.  The XML character set is based on the
assumption that Unicode takes off.

| Are programmers the only people who see "raw" XML code?

No.  But with few exceptions they will be the only ones who need to
put in a character entity by hand.


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