Re: those predeclared entity refs

[John Lavagnino:]

| I'd suggest following Jon's proposal to drop the five predeclared
| entity references, but also to try and work declarations of these (and
| perhaps others) into lots of sample XML files as they're made
| available, to condition the world into considering those a "standard"
| part of an XML DTD.  In practice, that sort of thing is almost as good
| as having it as part of the language definition.

Why bother?  If "&" is a magic string (as Paul Prescod has pointed
out, and I agree with him), why urge it over the equally magic string
"&"?  If I don't speak English, the second is as easy to remember
as the first, and it has the very significant advantage that I can
find out what it means my looking it up in the Unicode table.


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