Re: those predeclared entity refs

[Paul Prescod:]

| > Objection 3:
| > 
| >   The names quot, amp, apos, lt, and gt are significantly easier to
| >   remember than the corresponding numeric forms.
| > 
| > Response:
| > 
| >   Easier for people whose native language is other than English,
| >   i.e., most of humanity?  I don't think so.
| For those who know HTML, or almost any SGML DTD, they are. Besides, it is a 
| false dichtomy: those more comfortable with numbers can use numbers.

The number of people who are familiar with *anything* now is
insignificant compared to the number of people who will be working
with these languages five years from now.

| > In return for not predefining character entities we get the following
| > benefits:
| > 
| > 1. Language neutrality.
| Overrated. What's the Japanese for "<!ELEMENT" and why did we choose not to
| allow it? Why not redefine that to a number also? <!23 gi (#43)+>

Apples and oranges.  "<!ELEMENT" occurs n times per DTD; &amp; occurs
m times per instance.  Remember that XML is designed primarily for
delivery; the typical delivery scenario is one in which there is no
DTD at all.


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