Re: Stylesheet association

Terry Allen <tallen@sonic.net> wrote:
> Chris Maden writes:
> | An xlink can be used to associate multiple possible stylesheets with a
> | document.  This method allows an XLG to associate stylesheets with
> | read-only documents.
> Works for me. [...] this other document could also contain
> [...] a summary of all the GIs in the read-only document that
> are EMPTY. That would enable XML (or at least the read-only document)
> to do without the <empty/> syntax, and potentially make many existing
> SGML documents valid XML documents.

No -- that would mean that you could only parse XML documents if you
could parse the xlinks in this external document, so the document
would have to become part of the base XML spec, making that language
more complex.

This has all been discussed ad infinitum in the XML WG list, and the
current draft XML syntax for EMPTY elements is a compromise with good
reasons.  I (reluctantly) refer you to the archive...

The issue of existing SGML documents being valid XML is also much more
complex than just changing <empty> to <empty/>, and needs the use of a
tool like James Clark's SPAM anyway -- which could easily add the / in
empty elements' tags.

Any more on this probably belongs on the XML list, or in private mail!


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