Re: Stylesheet association

Chris Maden writes:
| There's been a fair bit of talk on xml-dev about how to associate a
| stylesheet with a document (James Clark and Terry Allen, at least,
| have been involved).  It occurs to me that this is pretty simple with
| one addition to the linking spec.
| Right now, there are no predefined values for the role attribute of a
| locator.  If the predefined value "xml-style" or "xml-stylesheet" is
| allowed, this indicates that the destination is a stylesheet.  An
| xlink can be used to associate multiple possible stylesheets with a
| document.  This method allows an XLG to associate stylesheets with
| read-only documents.

Works for me.  This XLG would be in a document other than the read-only
document.  Extending this idea, this other document could also
contain all the mappings between xmllink and the read-only document's
GIs and attribute names (which means that the read-only document
need not use the xmllink reserved names), and even a summary of
all the GIs in the read-only document that are EMPTY.  That would
enable XML (or at least the read-only document) to do without the 
<empty/> syntax, and potentially make many existing SGML documents 
valid XML documents. 

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