Re: Spans, and an RFI

> Request for information: what TEI xptr implementations are there?  And
> what do they implement?

Panorama (built with Synex ViewPort) implements a subset of TEI pointers
fairly close to the propsed subset for XML.  We do spans, too, since
otherwise you can't do user annotations with them.

There are samples enclosed with Panorama Pro.

> Finally, I take very seriously the comment (from whom I forget) that
> the current partial-references to the large & imposing TEI docs are
> out of place in XML-Link - we need a subset that we can describe
> in our kind of page budget in a standalone way. - Tim

Well, I don't know about imposing, but I agree with this.  There is no
difficulty in describing TEI pointers in this way, though -- again, see
the Panorama manual, or maybe I could post the relevant excerpt.