Spans, and an RFI

At 03:13 PM 10/03/97 +0000, Lou Burnard wrote:
>I would like the
>ERB to reconsider its decision to disallow the spanning mechanism defined by
>echte TEI x-pointers.

For the record, no such decisions have been made.  In the initial draft,
Steve pulled out a TEI subset that he thought was good, I reviewed it
and it seemed sensible to me, and that's what's there.  The ERB 
has yet to take up the question of what TEI subset to use.

Request for information: what TEI xptr implementations are there?  And
what do they implement?  I'm going to be *very* reluctant to
vote for anything, no matter how cool & peachy-keen, that nobody
is actually using. 

Finally, I take very seriously the comment (from whom I forget) that
the current partial-references to the large & imposing TEI docs are
out of place in XML-Link - we need a subset that we can describe
in our kind of page budget in a standalone way. - Tim