RE: another vote for spans

>>>It seems to me that the ability to point/link/target not just "that blort"
>>>"blort number 3" but also "everything from blort no 3 to blort number 12"
>>>is an
>>>extremely useful and intuitively simple requirement. The whole point of
>>>extended pointers is to cater for the unexpected, unmarked up, and not
>>>necessarily hierarchically well-formed in a document, which this very
>>>mechanism gives you, at no extra cost, as well as the ability to point to
>>>entirely natural concepts like "the first six paragraphs of this book",
>>>"chapters 12 to 14", etc. I don't believe that it adds much to complexity
>>>implementation -- you only have to be able to proceed sequentially through
>>>document from one location to another -- and it certainly doesn't add much
>>>the complexity of understanding.
>>>So how about it ERB?
>>>(I would however strongly support any proposal for a less confusing pair of
>>>attribute names than FROM and TO, if only I could think of them)


BTW, may I introduce myself. I am a newcomer to this mailing list, but
hope to see some of you at WWW6, where I shall be attending Jon's
workshop on the Monday.

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