Re: 4.5 TEI Extended Pointer Locators?

In message <009B10ED.A43A6B80.1@vax.ox.ac.uk> Lou Burnard writes:
> While I don't share Peter's desire to include all the TEI location mechanisms
> in the XML spec (as already indicated, I think I would add only TOKEN and
> possibly PATTERN to the grove-based ones already proposed), I would like the

I am ignorant of the full glory of TEI (the phrase 'p.419' is slightly 
forbidding) but I wasn't really arguing for things I don't know about.
TOKEN (possibly amended as in a separate message) and PATTERN will do me fine,
though I will *have* to have something like FOREIGN and I would have thought
many others would wish to search non-textual information.

> ERB to reconsider its decision to disallow the spanning mechanism defined by
> echte TEI x-pointers.

This also seems like something we could use...



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