Re: Link draft: 5.2 location source

Eliot writes:
| Consider this HyTime (TC) example:
| <link href=foo><a></a><b><b></link>
| <treeloc id=foo naimpsrc=referrer>1 2</treeloc>
| The treeloc addresses the second child of its location source, which is the
| referrer element (the Link), thus it addresses the element B.  In this case
| there is exactly one step in the location path from the Link element to its
| ultimate target, so the element that refers directly to the treeloc is also
| the element that makes the initial reference to the location path the
| treeloc is in (because there is only one step in the path, the treeloc).

Which is the location source for treeloc in the following?

<link href=foo><a></a><b></b></link>
<anotherlink href=foo><c></c><d></d></link>
<treeloc id=foo naimpsrc=referrer>1 2</treeloc>  

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