Re: 4.4 URL processing

In message <> Tim Bray writes:
> Very likely XML Link will use URLs (perhaps among things) for locators.
> Is this all we need to say?

I think that presenting references as URLs (rather than SGML ID/IDREFs) is 
the best (and probably only) way to get the webheads (i.e. me) on board.

I'm wondering what the role of ID/IDREF now is?  Is it:
	- left semantically free so that SGMLheads can use in in whatever
		way they are used to
	- acting as a synonym for a simple case of xlink?
	- doing something significant but different?  (if so I'm not
		clear what that is).
> Do we need specific interpretation of '#' fragment handling for XML?

If we are requiring the target to be an ID, it needs spelling out.


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