Re: 7. Attribute remapping?

> xmlnames="ptr=href captions=labels"
> would mean that the PTR attribute role will be filled by an attribute
> called "href" and the captions role by one called "labels". Eve also had
> the pairs in the opposite order, but I find that the old=new is more
> analogous to attlist definitions. Of course, it's less analogous to
> assignment statements, so maybe we can't win. An arrow ":=" or "<-" or
> something would maybe make things clearer but it's too yucky... I'm not
> even sure about the "="...

I'm not sure I like teeny languages in CDATA ("old->new"). Why not just
document what's going on in the attribute name, ("pairs.old-xml"?), then
make the value a white-space delimited list of pairs?