Re: Last word on LINKTYPE (ha, ha!)

At 11:06 07.03.97 +0100, Martin Bryan wrote:
>While MARK-IT provided a mechanism for attaching scripts to both IMPLICIT
>and SIMPLE links it also allows IMPLICIT links of the type proposed by Steve
>Pepper to be run in pure SGML mode. However, as it is SGML conformant, it
>will not allow you to use the barstadized form suggested by Steve for XML
>(which, incidentally, will never be approved by WG8 as an extension to SGML
>while I am on the committee as it is application specific!)

Martin! I thought you knew me better than to think I would propose an
application specific extension to SGML!

My thought was that it might serve to enhance the LINK feature generally
if the syntax allowed some defaulting. Specifically (and this is off the
top of my head, so please make allowance for that):

   <!PROCSPEC xml-proc tei.2 #IMPLIED [
   <!ATTLIST  xref
              xml-link CDATA #fixed "xml-tlink">

   <!PROCSPEC xml-proc [
   <!ATTLIST  xref
              xml-link CDATA #fixed "xml-tlink">


   <!PROCSPEC xml-proc tei.2 #IMPLIED [                [8879:1986]
   <!PROCSPEC xml-proc [                               [amended]

   - defaults to the active document type and implicit link

   <!PROCDEF #INITIAL xref>                            [8879:1986]
   (omitted)                                           [amended]

   - default (when no named #INITIAL link set) is that the implied
     initial link set consists of link rules which use the default
     values of all attributes declared in the LPD.

Is there any reason why this wouldn't work and couldn't be useful?
(Maybe best to answer i private email.)


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