RE: Bogus XML conformance claim

| Thanks for your note.
| We have been in touch with Tim Bray about XML and OpenTag and he
| kindly pointed out several mistakes. We are working on solving them.

I'm very pleased to hear that.  ILE appears to be a useful approach to
the problem of localization, and I'm glad to see XML being applied in
this area.

| You have to understand that our expertise in that area is not perfect.
| But hopefull, with XML experts help, we will be able to improve it
| quickly.

As Eve pointed out, we're all very new at this.  With mutual effort
and criticism, we can prevent XML from turning into a meaningless
label the way that HTML once did.

| Thank you for having taken the time to analyse our DTD.

Thank you for taking our analyses in the spirit in which they were
given.  I think you will find us more than willing to help in any
serious attempt to implement this technology.