Re: 4.c Homegrown locator language?

Tim Bray wrote:
> >4.c The spec will describe some addressing types that we support.  Should
> >we be open-ended and include a way to support other user-defined
> >locator languages?
> I think we should try really hard to make everything a URL. -T.

Absolute agreement.  I have to write an object and addressing 
policy for some folks, and I want to base that strictly on the 
Internet identification, naming and location standards.  OTW, 
it is very hard for these folks to buy anything commercial 
and get the level of interoperability they not only want, 
but have to have for mission critical apps.

Selling the XML depends on the speed with which XML becomes 
a preferred commercial standard.  They no longer want to 
write their own.  Too expensive; no one listens anyway 
until big dollar procurements enter the picture.

Stop the madness.  No more charity work.