Re: 3.1 b-h: BEHAVIOR

[Len Bullard]
> Does XML need this, or is XML better seen as the language of the
> database an application like MID navigates?

I prefer to think of XML as the language for the database itself.  XML
is a markup language - that which is being marked up is data.  An
application could certainly use XML to mark up its specifications, but
just because the same language can be used does not mean information
should be stored in the same place.

The data - textual content, metadata, and relationships between
infoquanta - should be contained in the XML document.  Suggested (or
required) behavior should be stored separately.  I should be able to
open the document in SoftQuad XenoMetaL Style Editor and turn off the
d*mn flashing bullets in front of every item in the Luddite Manifesto.
If the transclusion of those bullets is hardcoded in the XML source, I
can't do that - unless I can override the suggested behavior in the
stylesheet, and if that's true, why not just use the stylesheet
always, since browsing will be sort of useless without it?

And yes, I don't expect many people to be editing DSSSL directly; I
think there will be shared stylesheets for common DTDs, which people
can tweak bits of by hand, and editors for creation of new ones.  Most
users of XML will either be able to deal with DSSSL or will be using
simple DTDs they pulled off the 'net.

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