Re: Kind of surprising commercial XML application

At 07:48 AM 3/5/97 -0800, Tim Bray wrote:
>Check out 
> http://www.ile.com/opentag/
>I don't understand the application domain enough to really be fully 
>in tune with all the implications, but it's an interesting read. - Tim

In case anyone is curious, here are the ways in which the opentag.dtd isn't
XML compliant (some of the ways are trivial, some not):

- #PCDATA must come at the beginning of a content model (%paratxt;, u, ...)
- #PCDATA must always use * occurrence indicator (u, ...)
- #PCDATA can't be in a model with pernicious mixed content (lvl)
- Exceptions not allowed (b, ...)
- OMITTAG specifications not (yet :-) allowed
- NUMBER declared value not allowed (p, ...)
- Comments not <!--* *--> (but this isn't in the spec version they used)

Designing and implementing DTDs according to the XML constraints is a new