Re: 4.a Can resources be plural?

At 12:33 4/3/97 -0800, Tim Bray wrote:
>4.a Should we make it clear that resources can point at a wide variety of 
>things, and that some of the things can be plural? 

What do you mean by plural? Any resource with embedded links points to a
wide variety of things. Most of these will also point to a wide variety of
things. The question of pluralism is only interesting if you think of it in
terms of:

a) multiple copies that can be located via a public naming convention, e.g. URN

b) multiple language options of the same document which can be offered to
users based on a preference statement supplied with the document request.

Mechanisms for both of these approaches would be useful. How about:

locates="<urn lang=en>Martins's SGML Goodies</urn> 
           | <urn lang=fr>Michel's SGML balise</urn> 
           | <urn lang=de>Jurgen's SGML dings</urn>
           | <fpi catalog=mycat.soc>-//Your company//TEXT SGML info//EN</fpi>">
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