Re: 7. Attribute remapping?

At 12:33 4/3/97 -0800, Tim Bray wrote:
>We have decided that we will allow the use of any old GI's on XML linking
>elements, identifying by the use of reserved attribute names and values.
>We will be specifying the use of some attributes to support XML linking.
>Do we need to allow them to be remapped as well, so that when an
>HTML doc says HREF= and a TEI doc says PTR=, they can mean the same
This is essential if we want to import existing data.

>If we don't do this, then either we call all locator attributes HREF=
>or we take a terrible loss in selling this to the web-folk.

And then we cannot use ID/IDREF for locators!

>If we do do this, we add substantial complexity to the spec and
>the processing model.

Why "substantial"? All we are talking about is a simple one-to-one look-up

>Eve suggested a mechanism for this in 
> http://www.doctools.com/xml-link.html
>This involves pulling apart lists of things in attribute values.  Yecch.

Whats so difficult about processing a list of matched pairs of values to
create look-up table entries?

>The obvious alternative is simply to have an arcform-like attribute
>for every attribute we want to remap. 

This would be twice as much work as you would need a table of arcform names
as well as the resulting lookup table.

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