Re: 5.1 Extended Link Groups

At 12:33 4/3/97 -0800, Tim Bray wrote:
>5.1.a Shall we support a mechanism for a document to contain a list of 
>other documents that someone thinks ought to processed with it, in order
>to find linking elements pointing into the first document, and in general
>create a web of related documents?


>5.1.b If so, shall we say anything normative about whether this must be 

There are two possibilities here:
1) Make it an optional feature of browsers and require that documents
requiring this feature have an initial processing instruction that says that
they require a browser that supports this option
2) Require all XML browsers to support the feature through normative text.
>5.1.c Should we use an SGML element, a PI, or some other construct to hold 
>this list of documents? 

An SGML element
>5.1.d If we use an element, what should it be called? 


>5.1.e If we use an SGML element, should we have subelements per referenced 
>doc or just a token-separated list of entity names in a single attribute? 
>In either case what should the subelement (if any) and attributes be 
Subelements per referenced doc.

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