Re: 5.2 Linking element corrals?

| The premise is that since extended links are independent of their
| resources, they can be difficult to find.  One solution is to
| corral them into one spot, either within a document or in a special
| external document.

On the assumption that the question is about XML elements that are
linking elements that are not in one or the other of the at
least two (possibly identical) resources parts of which they link,
or both ...

| 5.2.a Should we provide an element to serve as a corral for extended
| linking elements?

How can I corral what is grazing on another man's range?  What does
this mean, specifically, in terms of 5.0 of the previous draft?

| 5.2.b If so, should we require its use? 
| 5.2.c If we allow but not require its use, should we require that if the 
| corral is used, there be no extended linking elements outside it? 

XML 1.0 offers no such constraints.  I suspect you mean "should the 
SGML ERB's linking language specify that conforming applications need 
process only those cattle already in the pen?", in which case
you are talking about applications and the overall architecture.
In the absence of any specification of application or architecture,
it's hard to say.

| 5.2.e Should we specify LINKSET documents, i.e. external entities
| existing only to contain extended link corrals.

Only the semantics of elements and attributes that may be contained
within them, without excluding other content.  

| 5.2.f If we specify LINKS and/or LINKSETS, should we discuss the temporal 
| effectivity and user-visibility of the links therein, in terms of the 
| period the document is "open"?

Please rephrase.

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