7. Attribute remapping?

We have decided that we will allow the use of any old GI's on XML linking
elements, identifying by the use of reserved attribute names and values.
We will be specifying the use of some attributes to support XML linking.
Do we need to allow them to be remapped as well, so that when an
HTML doc says HREF= and a TEI doc says PTR=, they can mean the same

If we don't do this, then either we call all locator attributes HREF=
or we take a terrible loss in selling this to the web-folk.

If we do do this, we add substantial complexity to the spec and
the processing model.

Eve suggested a mechanism for this in 


This involves pulling apart lists of things in attribute values.  Yecch.
The obvious alternative is simply to have an arcform-like attribute
for every attribute we want to remap.  Yecch also.  Any other good ideas?

 - Tim

Cheers, Tim Bray
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