Re: ERB work on 3.* (Linking Elements) issues

At 6:39 PM -0800 3/1/97, Tim Bray wrote:
>The ERB has now put two meetings work in on this set of issues and is
>nowhere near done.  Not surprising, given the importance of the issues.
>One of the factors holding us back a bit has been the fact that the
>discussion in the WG on the 3.* issues has been lacking in both volume
>and depth.  Reasons for this might be (a) that the WG is tired (the
>ERB is),


 (b) that the WG is busy on other things

I want to finish my thesis... and it doesn't have any XML in it, more's the

 and (c) that the WG
>has substantially less experience in these issues than in those that
>came up in the XML language discussion.

Not really... Just substantially less time...

  -- David

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