Re: 3.1 b-h: BEHAVIOR

At 3:23 PM +0700 3/2/97, James Clark wrote:
>I have two problems with this:
>- I'm not convinced that all combinations of SHOW and ACTUATE make sense,

This is the equiovalent of an Entity reference. It's also the equivalent of
a FRESS "Splice" for those who were using Hypertext at Brown in the 70's.
The notion certainly has a pedigree...

>- I think PUSH is on a slightly different axis.  If I can have SHOW=NEW and
>ACTUATE=PUSH, which presumably means the browser pops up a new window
>automatically and then keeps refreshing it, why can't I also have something
>that means the browser pops up a new windows when the user asks and then
>keeps refreshing it.  PUSH seems to be saying something about the volatility
>of resource which is a different issue from what the appropriate behaviour
>is for links to the resource.

I agree, but I'd rather not have another axis at all. Actually I'd rather
not have push at all -- there are HTTP ways to inform the browser of this
without doing anything in markup, and it's certainly not abstract
information, in my view.

But I assume someone is deeply wedded to the idea, and we could certainly
live with it... I tend to think this is a case of premature
over-specification myself...

  -- David

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