Re: 3.4 New Item: unify simple and extended links

At 8:03 AM +0000 3/2/97, Martin Bryan wrote:
>In some cases they will have a different significance, in others they may
>not. One useful difference I could envisage is that fragment identifiers in
>the embedded elements could refer to the document identified by the
>container, rather than to the document they are embedded within. e.g.
><a href="oii/oiistand.htm">OII Standards and Specification List
><a href="#SGML">SGML</a>
><a href="#XML">XML</a>

This seems to complicate the model, and isn't necessary if we have an
equivalent of BASE or LOCSRC. I would leave this out as being purely a
convenience feature unless we don't have an equivalent way to specify an
alternative addressing origin (or LOCSRC or base address or whatever you
want to call it)

  -- David

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