Re: 3.1 b-h: BEHAVIOR

At 02:25 PM 3/3/97 +0700, James Clark wrote:
>At 12:01 02/03/97 -0800, Tim Bray wrote:
>>I agree that this combination may not be useful, but it does "make
>>sense" ... it might have a use - sort of a user-controlled redirect;
>> HREF="http://new.com/new-location-of-this-doc.html">
>It seems pretty bizarre to me.  If the user puts this pair of values in a
>link accidentally, they are going to be pretty suprised to find it behaving
>like a redirect...

Sorry, I don't really buy that.  If we document carefully what it means,
I don't see how they can really complain about being surprised.  Anyhow,
a standard built-in way to do a redirect seems to me like a useful thing;
Lord knows it's a common enough need out on the Web... question: is there
a standard way to do this now in HTML (I used to know) or do you have to 
do it at the HTTP level via your server?  

>Since you agree that PUSH should be separated out from ACTUATE, that leaves
>6 combinations of SHOW and ACTUATE.  There doesn't seem any need for the
>functionality of SHOW=REPLACE ACTUATE=AUTO, which leaves at most 5 useful
>combinations.  It would seem simpler to me to have a single attribute with 5
>possible values.

I'm not with you yet on REPLACE/AUTO; even if I were, 2 axes of behavior
seems cleaner to me, and allows better growth potential as our 
understanding improves.  To help the debate, could someone think up
the (6 please) possible values so we can see concrete alternatives? - Tim