Re: 3.1 b-h: BEHAVIOR

Tim writes:
>A processor may notice the existence of a resource either because it hits a
linking element that is in-line & is itself a resource, or because another
doc in the extended link group (== BOS, go look at the draft spec) has a
linking element with a locator indicating the resource (a paragraph,
or section, or video subsequence, or whatever) that you've just hit.

I fail to understand how the linking element is a resource, but never
mind that.  What does "A processor may notice" mean, and what action
must, should, or may be taken by the processor upon such notice?

Separately, if we have documents that may grow by inclusion when
the user clicks on a link, we need a very sturdy concept of what
these documents are.  Just to dip a toe into the ocean, is the URL
of the document as displayed after I click on an INCLUDE link the
same as  the URL of the document before I clicked?  (If anyone
wants to take this up, it should have another thread title.)  

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