Re: ERB decisions on the LINKTYPE proposal

> User psychology doesn't seem to be an adequate reason 
> not to use LINKTYPE.

If the psychology cannot be altered, and LINKTYPE (thus?) prevents XML's
widespread adoption, then, yes,that is an adequate reason not to use it.
Perhaps that's QWERTYism, but c'est la vie.


I'm hearing some statements that boil down to: 

"Even granting that LINKTYPE has technical advantages, we simply won't be
able to communicate those advantages to others."

It's very hard for me to believe that this marketing problem can't be 
solved, by the sort of people who are good at that sort of thing.

The marketing genius -- I am not being ironic, rather, complimentary --
who wrote the XML Q&A distributed at SGML96 springs to mind: they made
the results of a lot of hard thinking (and bitter experience) sound
simple and easy. So for LINKTYPE.

User psychology is something to be managed, not just accepted.