Re: ERB decisions on the LINKTYPE proposal

[Steve Pepper:]

| I am being facetious, of course. The serious point I want to make is
| that I support this project because I care about SGML. I am willing to
| take the trouble to explain why specifying a reduced subset of a
| powerful language requires carrying a little extra baggage, and I
| emphatically do *not* accept epithets like "voodoo" and "ISO
| obfuscation".

Careful: I never said that *I* considered this language "voodoo",
etc.; I said that most *users* would see it that way.  Nothing you
have said contradicts this basic psychological fact.  The biggest
single problem we have had in selling SGML over the last 10 years is a
refusal to recognize user psychology as a valid concern.  Let's not
make this mistake again.


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