Re: 3.1 b-h: BEHAVIOR

At 12:01 02/03/97 -0800, Tim Bray wrote:
>At 03:23 PM 02/03/97 +0700, James Clark wrote:
>>I have two problems with this:
>>- I'm not convinced that all combinations of SHOW and ACTUATE make sense,
>I agree that this combination may not be useful, but it does "make
>sense" in that it's clean & clear what it means; as soon as you hit
>this link, traverse it and replace the current doc with the results.
>Actually, it might have a use - sort of a user-controlled redirect;
>consider what happens if you replace a document on the web with
><title>go to new location</title>
> HREF="http://new.com/new-location-of-this-doc.html">
>>- I think PUSH is on a slightly different axis....
>>  PUSH seems to be saying something about the volatility
>>of resource which is a different issue from what the appropriate behaviour
>>is for links to the resource.
>I agree; I would be happy either to lose PUSH or to put it on a
>separate axis named VOLATILITY or some such. - Tim