Re: 3.1 b-h: BEHAVIOR

Tim responds to my query:
| >On the same line, if SHOW=INCLUDE ACUTATE=AUTO, does the processor
| >act on this info or does the application?
| So far we haven't dragged the processor into the XML-LINK spec.  
| All we have discussed is the semantics that can be expressed and
| the syntax for expressing them.  There is an open question as to
| whether we should discuss not just the processor, but also the
| division of labor between client and server.  My preference would
| be to stay with semantics and syntax; let the implementors work
| out the rest. -Tim

Let me press harder.  Are XML-link semantics expressed to the
processor or to the application, or to both, or is it up to
designers of apps and processors to decide?  If it's not clear which,
are you relying on the market to develop a common solution or are
you punting?

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