Re: 3.1 b-h: BEHAVIOR

At 12:41 PM 02/03/97 -0800, Terry Allen wrote:
>| I agree that this combination may not be useful, but it does "make
>| sense" in that it's clean & clear what it means; as soon as you hit
>| this link, traverse it and replace the current doc with the results.

>So only the first such link will ever be encountered, at least by
>the application?  

Good question.  In fact if there is more than one of these it is
almost certainly an error; but I suppose the spec should point out that
the effect would be as you describe.  It's important to realize that
these attributes are very coarse-grained and abstract, and can
only serve to signal requested *policy*; the mechanism has to be
left to the user-agent.  [This is a good thing.]

>On the same line, if SHOW=INCLUDE ACUTATE=AUTO, does the processor
>act on this info or does the application?

So far we haven't dragged the processor into the XML-LINK spec.  
All we have discussed is the semantics that can be expressed and
the syntax for expressing them.  There is an open question as to
whether we should discuss not just the processor, but also the
division of labor between client and server.  My preference would
be to stay with semantics and syntax; let the implementors work
out the rest. -Tim