Re: Couldn't XML allow and ignore omitted tag minimization

At 11:28 02/03/97 -0800, Paul Grosso wrote:
>[JB: I'm forwarding the following message at the request of Paul Grosso,]
> [...] I missed
> the fact that XML as currently defined would not parse a DTD
> that contained omitted tag minimization [...] I'm asking is that we define
> the XML grammar so that an optional omitted tag minimization field
> in an element declaration would be allowed but be ignored by an
> XML processor.

As I understand it, the XML spec currently assumes an element dec of
<!element foo (model)> and you're suggesting XML should also permit 
<!element foo [-o] [-o] (model)>, right?

> If we don't allow omitted tag minimization, I fear we will increase
> the number of cases were people feel they must maintain two versions 
> of every DTD [...]

I agree. Doesn't this come under the category of "for compatibility:
A feature of XML included solely to ensure that XML remains compatible 
with SGML"?