Re: 3.4 New Item: unify simple and extended links

Tim wrote:

| <a role="3-way" href="#lab1"><extra href="#lab2"><extra href="#lab3"></a>
which is slightly confusing in the context of talk about pointing off
to labels, but in this context I take the hrefs to be the actual
clinks (now called xlinks?).  So there isn't any label in this example.
Without it, isn't

<a role="3-way"><extra href="#lab1"><extra href="#lab2">
<extra href="#lab3"></a>

cleaner?  And if you add in labels, it's much cleaner:

<a role="3-way"><extra href="#lab1">foo</extra>
<extra href="#lab2">bar</extra>
<extra href="#lab3">baz</extra>

But I suspect I'm missing something.  What is it?

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