Re: 3.1 b-h: BEHAVIOR

At 18:29 01/03/97 -0800, Tim Bray wrote:

>There will be an attribute named ACTUATE, which may have one of three values:
>AUTO - means that the link should be traversed and used when encountered;
> that the display or processing of the resource where the traversal
> started is not considered complete until this is done (e.g. HTML <IMG)
>USER - means that the link should not be traversed until there is an
> explicit external request for this to happen (e.g. HTML <A)
>PUSH - means that the resource is volatile, subject to change, and 
> should be processed immediately and continuously.

[I wasn't at the ERB meeting where this was decided.]

I have two problems with this:

- I'm not convinced that all combinations of SHOW and ACTUATE make sense,

- I think PUSH is on a slightly different axis.  If I can have SHOW=NEW and
ACTUATE=PUSH, which presumably means the browser pops up a new window
automatically and then keeps refreshing it, why can't I also have something
that means the browser pops up a new windows when the user asks and then
keeps refreshing it.  PUSH seems to be saying something about the volatility
of resource which is a different issue from what the appropriate behaviour
is for links to the resource.