Re: xlink, not multilink or xml-link

[Tim Bray:]

| At 11:07 AM 2/24/97 -0500, Sam Hunting wrote:
| >> >Why not just "xlink"? 
| > As Jon points out, it needs to begin with "XML-"
| Irrelevant; xlink still works.  It's going to have to be XML-something;
| the spec currently uses XML-MLINK, and in the prose we say multilink.
| So it could be XML-XLINK and "extended link".  I still like it. -T.

Sorry, I thought from the subject line for this thread that "xlink"
was being proposed as an alternative to "xml-link".  Now the proposal
seems to be "xml-xlink" as an alternative to "xml-link", which is a
different matter.

I could go with


for the XML version of a contextual link and 


for the XML version of an independent link.  "Extended link" works for
me, too, and I like the opposition of (plain old) link (like the kind
you're already used to from HTML, only better) vs. xlink.