Re: 6. Addressing & process model issues

Gavin Nicol wrote:
> >>> a) locator fragmentation into containing object locator and
> >>>    contained locator specifier
> >
> >This is confusing.  Does object = resource?  This should be
> >presented in terms of URLs.
> I would personally say that a resource is an object that can
> be directly addressed.
> The real question is: what *are* the objects and resources?

Ok.  Are these the same (definitively)  
resources as specified in Dan Connoly's glossary.  I 
lurk on uri.bunyip, and it is difficult to sort 
what is meant by address, location, name, resource and object.

I accept that a resource is an addressable object.  But 
what is the definitive relationship among name, location 
and address?  How are these sorted in the URL schemes, and 
how are they sorted in XML?  Are they the same?

One set of definitions in one place (presumably Dan's set) 
would make this easier to understand.