Re: 3.1 b-h: Link contents question matrix

> >Dimension 1: Which pieces of information should be specified for
> >possible inclusion in linking elements?
> >b. Type

Yes.  Required.
> >c. Role

Yes.  Optional

> >d. locator

Yes.  Required.

> >e. caption

Yes. Optional.

> >f. behavior

Yes.  Optional.

> >g. locator scheme

Yes.  Required.  URL.  Inclusions of other types 
should be considered for XML 2.0 contingent on the 
results of work in the URL working groups.  Locator 
schemes outside the IETF definitions are not Internet 
locator schemes.  Where a resource is identified 
by a scheme for which there is not a URL-based 
scheme (eg., FPI) it should not be considered a 
locator.  It should be considered an identifier.
The notion that an Identifer=Locator is not sound.
> >h. others

Not now.  Let the implementors work with the above.
Then determine what else is viable.

len bullard
lockheed martin