Re: 3.2.b Locators in attributes or elements?

At 23:54 20/2/97 -0800, Tim Bray wrote:
>The ERB schedule calls for voting on Feb. 26 on these items.
>3.2.b Should the locators of a general link be packaged in attributes
>as in HyTime, or as child elements as in the initial draft? 
For in-line links they should be attributes, but for external links we
should allow users to associate child elements with a default set of
attribute values, e.g.

<XML-MLINK stored-in="locator LINK-END role LINK-END caption #CONTENT LINK-END">
<LINK-END locator="http...." role=source>Milton, J: Paradise Lost</LINK-END>
<LINK-END locator="#pointer" role=comment>Martin's thoughts</LINK-END>
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