Re: SERIOUS concerns about implementation

At 16:59 23/02/97 -0500, Dave Peterson wrote:
>I pose three questions:  Is this "subset" a useful concept?  Is "subset"
>the right term?  And is this what you all have meant by "subset" when
>you've used the term?

I've used "subset" in the FAQ where I think the word conveys sufficient
of what you describe for it to make sense to the reader. I also use the
phrase "application profile" once where it describes better the "gray
area" you mention of XML being neither flesh nor fowl.

How we describe it here and how we describe it to the world outside may
be of importance to the acceptance of XML, so I'd appreciate it if
anyone has better phraseology than I have used in the FAQ so far.

XML's role as "SGML Lite" is currently easiest conveyed by the concept
of "subset", I think, but if we can find a less loaded term it might be